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For retailers and online media

Develop new relationships with new target groups, that were previously hard to reach.

Expand your audience

There are over 9 million over-70's in the UK, according to ONS data (2020 midpoint, published June 2021)

According to research by Age UK, about 76% of them say the primary device they use at home is the television, and many of this target audience seek comfort and an easier life in their remaining years.

This is why we have built an advanced technological TV platform together with groups of scientists in gerontology and in the field of cognition and accessibility for older adults that is easy to love and fun to use.

Every business should consider whether interactive screen time with Cheer could increase their sales, optimize processes to save time and human resources.

Large companies can manage the platform under their own brand and enjoy partnerships with Cheer.

If you would like to hear more about opportunities to partner with Cheer, please get in touch using the form below 

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