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Moti Bari Barmhertzig - Founder

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A word about Interactive TV

Interactive TV refers to a type of television programming that allows viewers to interact with the content on their TV screens using remote controls or other connected devices. This interaction can take many forms, such as voting, gaming, shopping, or accessing additional information related to the program.

Interactive TV channels aim to enhance the viewing experience by making it more interactive and engaging for the audience.

For the elderly, Interactive TV channels can provide educational content, trivia games, and other mentally challenging activities that can help keep their minds active.

It can offer opportunities for them to participate in discussions, games, and other activities with other viewers, helping them stay connected with the world and avoid feelings of isolation.

It has other features such as larger text, audio descriptions, and simplified navigation, making it easier for elderly viewers to access and control the content.

interactive TV can even offer games or physical activity programs that can help promote physical wellness and improve mobility.

Cheer does all of the above - and more

If you would like to hear about opportunities for investment in Cheer TV - please click here to visit the Geras Ltd website

Hope is a good thing,
maybe even the best of things...
and no good thing ever dies. 

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